1. Ayos Boutique Collection

The AyosBoutique Collection is an NFT Collection of Digital Art Displaying Limited Edition Apparel by Ayo715 and Collaborators

2. Ayo715 Collection


The Ayo715 Collection is comprised of the original artwork created by artist Alan Rubio for Ayos Boutique and additional art pieces

What is an NFT???

NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFT allows you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items. NFTs are basically blockchain tokens representing a unique digital item

The Blockchain allows the tracking of ownership for each NFT Collectible. Once you own an NFT it can be resold to another collector.

HOW and Where to Buy NFTs?

Both the Ayos Boutique Collection & the Ayo715 Collection
can be found on Open sea

Open Sea 2.png

Once you own an NFT it can be resold to another collector, All proceeds will be used to fund future artwork and new apparel for AyosBoutique

All NFT Collectibles from this Collection can also be purchased from OpenSea using Ethereum or Polygon